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Question asked by Thanka Phahee on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Radek Sestak

I am using S12ZVL microcontroller and using Freescale AN4723 bootloader to flash. I have an intermittent issue with Flashing. I am using cosmic compiler and Zap Debugger. The cosmic generated S19 file is not in the address order, not every is 37 byte long. Wnen I flash this cosmic generated S19 file, the application does not run.


I tried the following:

1. I downloaded the same S19 file using ZAP debugger and then Uploaded Form 0xFF8000 to 0xFFE3FF (My bootloader starts at 0xFFE400). Then I flashed this uploaded S19 file using AN4723 bootlader. It works fine

The uploaded S19 file is in the Address order and every single line is 37 bytes long.


2. I downloaded the cosmic generated S19 file using AN4723 booloader (the application did not run). Then I used ZAP debugger to upload Form 0xFF8000 to 0xFFE3FF. Then I used AN4723 bootloader to flash this uploaded S19 file again. Now the application works fine


I do not understand Why the application fails to run when I just flash the cosmic generated S19 (not in address order and some lines are not 37 byte long). I verified the flashing using ZAP debugger verification, verification was successful.


Can someone explain me where the problems occurs?