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Nobody cared interrupt

Question asked by vadrevu jyothi on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 6, 2017 by alexander.yakovlev

Hello Sir,

                        I am currently working on MPC8323E-RDB board. And I am using kernel And for cross compilation i am using LTIB platform. I am using external interrupt 6 for 4 external serial devices (interrupt sharing). When I am reading data from serial device 1 it is showing following error. I am using semaphores in interrupt handler for reading data.


irq 23 : Nobody cared interrupt (try to boot with "irqpoll" option)


Why above error was came that i am not able to understand even i gone through google. And irqpoll option also i am not able to find anywhere in my uboot and kernel. Because of using semaphores in interrupt handler or sharing interrupt between 4 devices causing the issue that I am not able to understand.  Can you please help me out in this issue?           

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