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"Chip_UART_ReadRB" only receiving half data

Question asked by SAGAR PATIL on May 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by SAGAR PATIL

Hi all,

I have to receive 32 bytes form one of the sensor but i am only able to receive 16 bytes

code snippet:-

uint8_t data[32]={0};

while(!Chip_UART_ReadRB(LPC_UART2,&rxring_2,data,32)); --->only 16 bytes read


even if i use below function:-.

while(!Chip_UART_Read(LPC_UART2,&rxring_2,data,32)); ---->only 16 bytes read


but if i use

while(!Chip_UART_ReadBlocking(LPC_UART2,data,64));  --->read bytes 32 bytes


any known error please let me know it will be helpful