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About the default setting of the simulink configuration parameters in MPC5643L

Question asked by Eden Li on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Eden Li

Hi Guys,

When use the NXP rappid564xL to bulid the model, i found some repetitive work about the parameters of simulink configuration,so i modified some content about the Fixed-step size (fundamental sample time) and  Generate model web view as below show:

I modefied the file rappid564xl.tlc :

add the rtwgensettings.SelectCallback = ['MPC5643L_callback_handler(hDlg, hSrc)'] in the file.

shown as below:

And adding the file of MPC5643L_callback_handler.m,shown as attachment.

But When i build a new projection ,the Fixed-step size (fundamental sample time) and  Generate model web view is not default setting .i don't know where is error.

Who can give me some advises?

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