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i.MX53 - Video streaming over network

Question asked by GopiNagaBharath on May 3, 2017
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I have tried looking if there are any details on how the video streaming can be done over HTTP on the i.MX53 Linux platform (not using Gstreamer), but found not much useful links.


The camera is interfaced to i.MX53 QSB and the video frames are encoded with the use of VPU. Currently the frames are getting recorded to the a file on the flash drive, but I would like the encoded frames to sent over the HTTP network. 

The current implementation of video frame encoding & recording is done using the Linux v4L2, IPU & VPU libs, in c-language.


Please let me know if anyone has tried and were successful in video streaming over network, on the i.MX53 platform running Linux.


Thanks in advance,



Gopi Naga Bharath