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v5640mipi sensor not working!

Question asked by wenming Feng on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 3, 2017 by wenming Feng

Hi all,


We used a ov5640_mipi sensor and connect with mipi-csi interface as is same to imx6dl sabresd reference board.

I just comment out the parrellel 0v5642 from device tree. and move the ov5640 from i2c2 to i2c1. we used i2c1. Other settings are reused the reference design with yocto imx-4.1-krogoth release.


ov564x_mipi: ov564x_mipi@3c { /* i2c1 driver */
compatible = "ovti,ov564x_mipi";
reg = <0x3c>;
clocks = <&clks 201>;
clock-names = "csi_mclk";
DOVDD-supply = <&vgen4_reg>; /* 1.8v */
AVDD-supply = <&vgen3_reg>; /* 2.8v, rev C board is VGEN3
rev B board is VGEN5 */
DVDD-supply = <&vgen2_reg>; /* 1.5v*/
pwn-gpios = <&gpio6 0 1>; /* active low: SD1_CLK */
rst-gpios = <&gpio6 1 0>; /* active high: SD1_DAT2 */
csi_id = <1>;
mclk = <24000000>;
mclk_source = <0>;

I see the log shows ov564x_mipi is probed, and the clk 24M is readback from DT, but when I use the scope to check the mclk pin, there is no clk here.

What configuration I am lost and any comments on how to check?