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Linking all three internal RAM blocks on LPC1857FET256

Question asked by Jean-Riegardt van Staden on May 2, 2017



I am using the LPC1857FET256 for my project and the datasheet states that it has 136kB for internal SRAM divided into three blocks. One is 64kB, another 32kB and another 40kB. My program is currently running on the 64kB block but I am bordering on the edge of that block and every time I add some code I have to move some variables to external SD Ram because I run out of memory. I can address the other two blocks with a pragma, but this becomes a tedious process to do for each variable, as my project consists of many files. Is there any way I can tel the linker to automatically link up all three these blocks and use them together as one big default block? I have attached the ICF file.


Thank you


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