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QorIQ LS1043A/23A Product Longevity

Question asked by Cyril Strejc on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by ufedor

The information about QorIQ LS1043A/23A Product Longevity is not clear to me (15 years vs 10 years), because:

  1. at Product Longevity page, QorIQ LS1043A/23A is specified in 15-years longevity category (
  2. but in Part Details, Application/Qualification Tier is specified as "10-YEARS APPLICATION LIFE". I examined parts LS1023AXN7KQA, LS1043AXN7KQA, LS1043AXE7MQA and some more.


Please, could You clarify this information to me? Especially what is Product Longevity of the parts (LS1023AXN7KQA, LS1043AXN7KQA, LS1043AXE7MQA)? There is message in the forum (, where "Application/Qualification Tier" is declared the same as "longevity", but I still haven't found any LS1043A/23A with 15-YEARS APPLICATION LIFE.


Thank You.