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TWR KV58F220M debugger problem

Question asked by TurboMan on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Philip Drake


a while back, Freescale provided a TWR KV58F for development, on which is the CMSIS-DAP debugger. Whilst using this board in different IDEs, the debugger was changed from the default debugger to the MBED CMSIS-DAP debugger.


Unfortunately, I can't get KDS3.0 to use this as a debugging option, so want to change this back to the J-Link CMSIS-DAP debugger software.


This normally means inserting the USB cable with reset pressed, then dragging the J-Link CMSIS-DAP .bin file and copying to the bootloader drive. I've tried various combinations of dragging .bin and .S19 files across, but none of these have updated the debugger bootloader.


So the problem is that I'm stuck with MBED CMSIS-DAP debugger on the TWR KV58F. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is an early tower board version, the processor is still socketed