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Problem with HTRC110 - HiTagS communication

Question asked by Shubham Saxena on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by Erik Hougaard

hi all,

I am trying to communicate with HiTagS 256 via HTRC110.

As per the datasheet we need to:

=> Configure HTRC110

=> Set WRITE_TAG_N to required write pulse width (currently am using transparent mode)

=> Read phase, calculate sampling time and set the same.( For our antenna phase value comes around  0xf and compensation offset value I have set to 0x3F)

=> Fast settling, freeze the filters and switch HTRC110 to write mode

=> Then I am sending UID Request to HiTagS and switch HTRC110 to read mode.

=> After switching to read mode am getting noise from the antenna and UNABLE TO RECEIVE RESPONSE FROM TAG.

=> I checked the modulation on TX1 and TX 2 of HTRC110 and can see variation in it as shown in MOD_IMAGE below.

Modulation observed on HTRC110 TX side

NOTE: Please ignore the labels.

=> UID Request waveform are attached as zip file.

Please let us know if any further inputs are required.


Also, We are getting center frequency of 125KHz on antenna.

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