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Keaz128 Bareboard Project can NOT boot

Question asked by kiger Zhang on May 2, 2017
Latest reply on May 5, 2017 by kiger Zhang

Now the Keaz128 was used to design a thermal control board . 

After the program was flash into the board , and power reset , the program can NOT run . 

If run debug , the program can run smoothly . 

What  can I do to find out the issue?

Please help me!


IDE : CodeWarrior 10.7 

Flash Interface: Multilink Universal FX 


Now , what I have done and found( I am not sure  whether this method is correct or not):

1.  Start debug  ,the program is running well.

2.  Power reset the target board , the debugger lost the connection with target board .

3.  Let the debugger to re-connect to the board.

4.  Found the board halt  on Unhandled_ivINT_NMI   interrupt 

     ( in fact the NMI  was disable). 


The  call stack is as the  following:






By the way , there is a strange issue:

  Once the the program was halt , the CodeWarrior  CAN NOT  erase/program the target board , even power reset the board.  

 If  want to make the board can be erase/program again , I must use  IAR to  erase the target .   

Is that CodeWarrior bug?