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Senior Design Project with the LPC5468 -- FREQ'Y Tuner

Discussion created by Harvish Mehta on Apr 29, 2017



This project is a real time pitch recognition tuner with the LPCXpresso54608 micro-controller. Our algorithm relies heavily on Fast Fourier Transforms and harmonic power spectrum analysis. An electric guitar or bass will be input through an auxiliary cord. The LCD screen on the micro-controller will output the frequency response, as well as lines indicating the closest ideal frequency and actual frequency. The value of the actual and ideal frequency are displayed, along with an indicator for the nearest pitch to the note played.



  • The user will plug in an electric guitar or bass using a quarter inch to aux jack.
  • The FREQ’Y Tuner will display a color coded frequency spectrum.
  • The FREQ’Y Tuner will pinpoint the pitch’s relation to the ideal fundamental frequency of the closest note.


      Figure 1: Unmatched Note

      Figure 2: Matched Note aka get the FONZ


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Demo: FREQ'Y Tuner - YouTube

Code: GitHub - harvishmehta/freqy_tuner: A real time pitch detector that displays a power spectrum of the tone generated and t…