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DEVKIT-S12XE OSBDM not detected

Question asked by Juan Hernandez on May 1, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Juan Hernandez

I bought DEVKIT-S12XE but I cannot make CodeWarrior communicate with the board. I have a windows 7 system, I installed the suggested version of CodeWarrior (5.1), I connected the board using the USB cable (Windows did not find the USB drivers), then I downloaded and installed the PEmicro drivers (

I run CodeWarrior, open one of the example projects (i.e. the RGB  example), then click on the debug button, the "P&E HC(S)12 Connection Manager" opens. I select the "USB Multilink, Embedded multilink, or Embedded OSBDM" but the Port is not detected.




What is missing? What needs to be done? Is there a guide to start using this DEVKIT on Windows7?