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i.MX233 LQFP Debug UART, 8 bit parallel TFT LCD and USB power

Question asked by Uday Paul on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by igorpadykov

I am going to start a new board design based on i.MX233 128 LQFP version but I have some confusion. I hope some experienced person can clear my confusion.

I do not require high processing power and RAM but I need 2 UART.  The LQFP part have 1 Debug UART and 1 Application UART. So is it possible to use Debug UART for external device control (e.g. GSM Module)? If yes, will it support 115200 baud rate?

I need TFT LCD Display(Parallel RGB). Bt LQFP part support 16 bit parallel RGB but LCD_DATA_8 : LCD_DATA_15 are multiplexed with SSP2. So my question is, is it possible to use 8 bit parallel RGB (4r:2g:2b) configuration with linux farmebuffer mode keeping SSP2 free, because I need SPP2 for other purpose.

I want to use this part because it is LQFP and easy to solder at home as well as I am thinking of 2 layer board and one more thing is, it got inbuilt Power Management and Battery charging functionality.

My board need to be battery powered, so when operating on battery is it going to provide 5V to usb device or I have to include boost controller to generate 4.2V to 5V?

If all of the above is possible then it would be great for me to keep the cost minimum.

Thank you.