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mc9s12dg128: flash control registries

Discussion created by Henry Luong on Aug 5, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2008 by yadunandankasu yadunandankasu
In trying to learn how the flash in the hcs12 micro works, i found app note AN2166 which describes programming and erasing flash and eeprom memory. In the app note, it explains the use of control registries located at $00F4, $00F5, and $00F7 (FEELCK, FEEMCR, FEECTL) that are avaliable for each 2 pages of flash. However, in the documenation specific to mc9s12dg128 there is no such registries. The registries at those locatoin are reserved for the SPI block. How to I access FEELCK, FEEMCR, FEECTL?

I'm new to micros. Apologies if this is a silly quesiton.