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Terminal Component - 9HCS12C32

Discussion created by Vicente Gonzalez on Aug 5, 2008
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I'm using codewarrior, the free version for 9HCS12C32, the IDE version is 5.9.0 and the debugger is version 6.1 build 8094. I'm trying to use the terminal component with the example program, but the terminal does not display any message. I understand that the problem is in the virtual SCI configuration because the default sci0.SerialInput does not exist. I tried to use the inspector component to see the internal objects, but there are two sci, one name SCI:1 and the other Sci:2. I do not know how to name the objects to configure the terminal, I tried Sci:2.SerialInput, and many other variation, but nothing happened. Could you help me? Thanks Vicente





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