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Can't configure SD Card UHS-I on LS1043A

Question asked by Brian Paiva on Apr 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by Tony Kong

I can't seem to get UHS-I SD Card configured on my LS1043A.  I have the same driver working on the LS1012A so I'm wondering if I'm missing something specific to the 1043.  When I insert the SD Card (that should detect as an SD104) I:


1 - Turn off the eSDHC clock

2 - Write bits 4-7 of PRSSTAT at address 1560024h (I've also tried bits 0-3 and 0-7)

3 - I set the block to 1.8V by enabling bit 21 (VOLT_SEL) of PROCTL at address 1560028h

4 - Wait 5ms

5 - Turn on the eSDHC clock

6 - Read back PROCTL and make sure VOLT_SEL is enabled

7 - Read back PRSSTAT and make sure the bits that I wrote in step 2 are still enabled


The failure is at step 7 where I read 0x8D0008 from PRSSTAT. If it helps PROCTL is set to 0x420.