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MKW31Z TPM1 PWM not working

Question asked by Frank Strazzabosco on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Jeremy Swanson

Here's the code snippet to show that I can get TPM0 channel to output a PWM signal but I can not get the TPM1 to do the same. Inspecting the TPM registers in the debugger shows that TPM1 does not get initialized correctly. What am I doing wrong??


#define PWM5_TIMER_INSTANCE             1
#define PWM5_TIMER_CHANNEL              0


#define PWM4_TIMER_INSTANCE             0
#define PWM4_TIMER_CHANNEL              3


#define PWM_INIT_VAL                    0x00
#define PWM_FREQ                        25000u


#define M5_PWM_DUTY( x )               PWM_SetChnCountVal( PWM5_TIMER_INSTANCE,  PWM5_TIMER_CHANNEL, )
#define M4_PWM_DUTY( x )               PWM_SetChnCountVal( PWM4_TIMER_INSTANCE,  PWM4_TIMER_CHANNEL, )


 tmr_adapter_pwm_param_t pwm_config;



  GpioSetPinMux( gpioPort_B_c, 2u,  pinMux_Alt5_c );  // PWM5_TPM1_CH0
  GpioSetPinMux( gpioPort_C_c, 16u, pinMux_Alt5_c );  // PWM4_TPM0_CH3


  /*Configure PWM Module */
  pwm_config.initValue = PWM_INIT_VAL;
  pwm_config.frequency = PWM_FREQ;

  PWM_StartEdgeAlignedLowTrue( PWM5_TIMER_INSTANCE, &pwm_config, PWM5_TIMER_CHANNEL );
  PWM_StartEdgeAlignedLowTrue( PWM4_TIMER_INSTANCE, &pwm_config, PWM4_TIMER_CHANNEL );


  M5_PWM_DUTY( 0x80 );
  M4_PWM_DUTY( 0x80 );