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Using PN7150 irq gpio to wake up board

Question asked by Pratyush Tomar on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Pratyush Tomar

I am using PN7150 with custom board based on imx6ul evk. I am using following configuration in dts for PN7150 driver


pn547: pn547@28 {
compatible = "nxp,pn547";
reg = <0x28>;
clock-frequency = <400000>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio1>;
interrupt-gpios = <&gpio1 30 0>;
enable-gpios = <&gpio1 25 0>;

Can I use PN7150 interrupt gpio(gpio 1 30) to wake up my board from sleep at the same time using as PN7150 irq? if yes then how?  I tried adding wake up configuration from interrupt on gpio1 30 in following manner


wakeup1 {
label = "wakeup1 gpio";
gpios = <&gpio1 30 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
linux,code = <29>;

But after adding this configuration in my dts the PN7150 library doesn't work. The demo program just exits after starting.