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help with LPCXpresso examples for LPC1114

Question asked by Thomas Havregaard Soerensen on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2017 by Tom Gut


I am trying to learn about the LPC1114, and is therefore using the


I have tried the Blinky and the Uart examples, and both work perfectly, but i would like to combine them.
when trying to combine the two projects, i include the gpio.h and the timer32.h, and include the following lines of code in the main part of the program:


lines of code in main

- init_timer32(0, TIME_INTERVAL);
- enable_timer32(0);
- GPIOInit();


Building the program resoults in several errors. The errors are fx. "undefined reference to ´GPIOInit´".


I can see that the drivers for the Uart example hilight the uart.h and uart.c amoungst others, but gpio.h and gpio.c are not highlighted, is this perhaps a part of the problem, and if this is the case how can it be fixed.