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K64 Freedom board is not coming out of boot loader mode

Question asked by Nitin verma on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by IvanRuiz

Dear Support Team,

I am using K64 freedom board with windows 10 machine.

I recently bought the board and was following the steps given in getting started link. i had download the software mbedWinSerial_16466 for virtual serial port as mentioned in the steps i tried to install the software with board connected with my PC. After installation a window got pop up showing driver is installed successfully. After installation of serial driver a drive MBED was created in machine but default program given in the board(tilt sensor) was not working.Then i thought boot loader of the board get disturbed and i take help form net and download the boot loader (CMSIS-DAP-BOOTLOADERV2)from nxp site for K64 board and take the board in boot loader mode (Green LED was flashing about once in a second) and copy the file(k20dx128_bootloader_0x5000.bin) in boot loader drive.Now LED is flashing about thrice in a second.Then i disconnect the board and reconnected it but board is not coming out of boot loader mode. Please help me.

I want board to come out of boot loader mode to use the board for default program or hello word program so i can later do practice and learn.