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android6.0 linux4.1.15 ivp6 can not route

Question asked by HanNing Wu on Apr 26, 2017
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by jimmychan


  we are develop carplay function on imx6 android 6.0 linux 4.1.15 ,but we have some network problem, can you give me some advice。

  when we enable ncm usb0 driver ,we can send message var usb0,but when apple device connet imx6 by ipv6 ,tcp can not establish a connnection, apple device send tcp sync but imx6 do not response。

  after some debuging,we find that ,In tcp server,the data can not find route to send tcp ack。

  and we find neighbor state is STALE,

  fe80::cca:917e:1c8c:49c2 dev usb0 lladdr 4a:19:14:9a:31:4e STALE


  this issue do not happen in android4.3 linux3.0.35,do you test carplay function in android 6.0 version,can you help me??Thanks