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About the power sequence of VDD, VDD (PVDD) and VDD (TVDD)

Question asked by Yasushi Hasegawa on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Yasushi Hasegawa

Dear All,

We use CLRC663, MFRC631, MFRC630, SLRC610.
Please tell me the power sequence of VDD, VDD(PVDD) and VDD(TVDD).


The data sheet has the following description.
     VDD(PVDD) must always be the same or lower voltage than VDD.
By the above, I understood the sequence of VDD and VDD (PVDD).


However, VDD (TVDD) does not describe constraints with VDD.



Is it OK to supply power to VDD (TVDD) when VDD power is supplied or when power is not supplied?


Best Regards,
Yasushi Hasegawa