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MPC5646C adc reference voltage

Question asked by Robin AURIOL on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by David Tosenovjan



I don't understand how adc voltage reference works on this microcontroller family.


Is there an internal voltage reference made with the input voltage on VDD_HV_ADC0 pin or do I have to use an external voltage reference and put it on VDD_HV_ADC0 pin?


It is said in the datasheet that Vdd_ADC0 has to be equal to VDD_HV_A +/-0.1V. But if it is the case, i can't use an external reference voltage. For now i have connected all the supply pins to the same voltage (5V). But the accuracy of the 5V is about 2%, wich is the total accuracy i need on my measures !


Thank you for your time.