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PN7120 to read psudo bank card number from Payment App

Question asked by Daniel DeMerchant on Apr 23, 2017

Hello.  I am trying to find out if it's possible to use the PN7120 to read the psuedo-bank card number off of a Payment System app like Android pay, Apple pay and the like.  I have Windows IOT set up on a Rasberry Pi 2.  I was able to get the ProximityDevices driver for the PN7120 running and tested on the platform.  I also have the NDEF-NFC library installed to format messages.  I basically want to send a bunch of Select Aid commands to the cell phone and get the results back.  I am having trouble finding an example and understanding the limited documentation on the ProximityDevices class in order to get the job done.  I was fooling around with the PublishBinaryMessage method, but not sure I understand it all.  Does anyone have experience with this class and knowledge of this type of application?  Is it even feasible?  


Thank you