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NFC Cockpit with other MCU and PN5180

Question asked by Jan Matik on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Jan Matik

Dear all,


according to AN11906, chapter 3.4, NFC Cockpit may be connected to other MCU on target board. 

The NFC cockpit can be used together with other microcontrollers than the LPC1769 as well. In order to achieve this, a virtual com port interface (VCOM interface) is available in source code which can be ported to any other controller. The main porting work which is required relates to the adaption of the interface Host Microcontroller <-> PC. This allows to connect the PN5180 to the application specific host microcontroller directly on the application board and connect a PC running the NFC cockpit to the application specific microcontroller. This is especially useful for fine-tuning of a register configuration without the need of additional software development.

I would like to implement this cool feature as connecting our custom board to NFC Cockpit would be very helpful for tuning. Unfortunately, our product (equipped with PN5180) does not have USB. We have only UART available (RS485, but may be changed to RS232 for debugging purposes).

So my questions are:

  • Is it possible to connect our custom board to NFC Cockpit over serial port?
  • Our fw can be adjusted for this easily, but what about the PC side - customized VCOM windows / linux driver?


Thanks for any comments