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LPCxxxx flash programmer 'mxli' with Raspberry Pi support

Discussion created by Marc Prager on Apr 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by Leo Ruyven

Hello Guys,


I'd like to announce the update of my open-source command-line flash programmer 'mxli' . I know, that many programmers don't appreciate using command-line tools these days, so skip this, if you're a GUI/IDE fetishist .-)


Since a few years I'm waiting for the ARMs to become powerful and widespread enough for an ARM-base Laptop (re-)emerging on the market. It's not exactly a Laptop, but I realized the Raspberry Pi3 is what I want: an ARM-powered Linux-System I can use for application development of LPC microcontrollers - mostly LPC800 and LPC1700 so far.

Although I can plug in a programming device via USB I wished to use the GPIOs to do the programming (over UART ISP) of my LPC boards. This is what I included in my mxli-3.3 update. Given the option --raspi-gpio it does /RESET and /BOOT through GPIOs 17/18  and UART-communication with GPIO 14/15. For reliable operation you have to switch the UARTs between Bluetooth and GPIO (ttyAMA0 / ttyS0), unfortunately, because ttyS0 is a useless sh*t.


The nice thing about the Raspberry Pi is: the native compiler is an ARM compiler. Provided a few switches, you can use

it for compiling sources for the Cortex-M's at least. Cool!


The other improvements of mxli are: support for LPC82x, LPC83x, LPC541xx added.

LPC546xx is still missing because I'm disappointed about NXP not disclosing how to set core voltages on LPC54xxx devices, hence I might never use LPC54xxx devices. I addedd LPC541xx before I noticed that fact.


mxli-3.3 is still relatively untested, but you might be interested, though.




PS: you can find mxli here: