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LPCxxxx flash programmer 'mxli' with Raspberry Pi support

Discussion created by Marc Prager on Apr 21, 2017

Hello Guys,


I'd like to announce the update of my open-source command-line flash programmer 'mxli' . I know, that many programmers don't appreciate using command-line tools these days, so skip this, if you're a GUI/IDE fetishist .-)


Since a few years I'm waiting for the ARMs to become powerful and widespread enough for an ARM-base Laptop (re-)emerging on the market. It's not exactly a Laptop, but I realized the Raspberry Pi3 is what I want: an ARM-powered Linux-System I can use for application development of LPC microcontrollers - mostly LPC800 and LPC1700 so far.

Although I can plug in a programming device via USB I wished to use the GPIOs to do the programming (over UART ISP) of my LPC boards. This is what I included in my mxli-3.3 update. Given the option --raspi-gpio it does /RESET and /BOOT through GPIOs 17/18  and UART-communication with GPIO 14/15. For reliable operation you have to switch the UARTs between Bluetooth and GPIO (ttyAMA0 / ttyS0), unfortunately, because ttyS0 is a useless sh*t.


The nice thing about the Raspberry Pi is: the native compiler is an ARM compiler. Provided a few switches, you can use

it for compiling sources for the Cortex-M's at least. Cool!


The other improvements of mxli are: support for LPC82x, LPC83x, LPC541xx added.

LPC546xx is still missing because I'm disappointed about NXP not disclosing how to set core voltages on LPC54xxx devices, hence I might never use LPC54xxx devices. I addedd LPC541xx before I noticed that fact.


mxli-3.3 is still relatively untested, but you might be interested, though.




PS: you can find mxli here: