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i.MX6 LDB framebuffer bpp

Question asked by yan2 on Apr 21, 2017

Dear Community,

I am a little bit lost between device tree and framebuffer.

I've connected a lvds-display to a i.MX6DL. This works so far.

In the device tree file I configured ldb for the display:

&ldb {
    status = "okay";
    lvds-channel@0 {
        fsl,data-mapping = "spwg";
        fsl,data-width = <24>;

/* ... */


And the kernel (4.9.20) generates framebuffer automatically:

[    1.475128] imx-drm display-subsystem: fb0:  frame buffer device

But when I cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/bits_per_pixel I get: 16


How can I increase the framebuffer bits_per_pixel to 32?