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Help With audio Codec CS4218 from DSP56852EVM

Discussion created by Ariel Rosales on Aug 4, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2008 by Pascal Irrle
Hi, I'm using de DSP56852EVM and I'm trying to make a test of the audio codec CS4218 on board, to make this test I'm usin the CodeWarrior 8.2.2 using the Processor Expert to make things easy, my goal is to read input audio signal from the line in on the the board, and the same signal write it to the line Out, to test the audio codec.

I have cofigured a PLL clock to IPbus = 59.904 Mhz, well the rest of the configuration the PE did it.

The generated code from de Read method:

/*** ===================================================================**     Method      :  SAC1_Read (bean Audio_Codec_CS4218)****     Description :**         This method reads data from the SSI interface.**     Parameters  :**         NAME            - DESCRIPTION**       * pBuffer         - Pointer to the block of**                           received data**         nBytes          - Size of the block in bytes**       * Rcv             - Pointer to real number of the received**                           data**     Returns     :**         ---             - This method returns error codes from**                           ReciveBlock method of inherited**                           FreescaleSSI bean.** ===================================================================*/byte SAC1_Read(const void* pBuffer,word nBytes,word *Rcv){  byte        err;  word        Bytes;  UWord16     SamplesRead = 0;  word        NumSamplesReq = nBytes >> 1;  if(!EnUser) SAC1_Enable();  do  {    err = Inhr1_RecvBlock((word*)pBuffer+SamplesRead,                                     NumSamplesReq-SamplesRead,                                     &Bytes);    SamplesRead += Bytes;  } while(SamplesRead < NumSamplesReq);  *Rcv = SamplesRead << 1;  return err;}
what values i should introduce on this method?, o what do I have to do