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SD card write and read issues

Question asked by prachipanse on Apr 20, 2017
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I have modified the SD card example project (AN10916) for FAT32 file system that was available for LPC1700 controller. I am using the LPC1313 controller. I am seeing the below issues:


1. I am able to initialize the SD card properly and read the configuration.

However, if I try to read using the SD_ReadSector() function, after reading the configuration, then it fails most of the times. The card doesn't indicate that it is ready (DI signal is High)  using the SD_WaitForReady() function.

However, if I read from the card without reading the configuration first, then the read seems to pass properly.


2. The write function SD_WriteSector() always indicates a failure. However, when I try to read from the sector to which I have tried to write, I see that the data is being written. 


Please let me know what may be the issue.


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