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Watchdog Interrupt K24F Board Resets Before ISR

Question asked by Jason Philippi on Apr 19, 2017
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I am using ksdk 1.3 with processor expert.

I can't reach a breakpoint on the Watchdog ISR.


As far as I can tell, the LPO clock is set to 1kHz as described in the reference manual.

const wdog_config_t watchdog1_InitConfig0 = {
.wdogEnable = true,
.clkSrc = kWdogLpoClkSrc,
.prescaler = kWdogClkPrescalerDivide1,
.workMode.kWdogEnableInWaitMode = true,
.workMode.kWdogEnableInStopMode = true,
.workMode.kWdogEnableInDebugMode = false,
.updateEnable = true,
.intEnable = true,
.winEnable = false,
.windowValue = 0U,
.timeoutValue = 10000U,


I have tried configuring the interrupt at compile and at runtime, I can't seem to reach it.

I looked at WDOG_STCTRLL and I never saw bit 15 (INTFLG) rise. I put a breakpoint on the reset handler to see if the watchdog interrupt was ever raised.


What am I missing here?