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JN-AN-1171 doesn't give the proper includes

Question asked by Guillaume Daumas on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by Francois Robbe



I have an issue, I'm trying to program a JN5168 to work with ZLL but after installing BeyondStudio, the JN-SW-4168 SDK and JN-AN-1171 for ZLL examples i get an error that the includes aren't correct, as you can see in the Attachment, the file has include JN-SW-4166 instead of the supposed JN-SW-4168, I tried searching for the 4166 version but that doesn't exist or i couldn't find it. I also tried adding the include from JN-SW-4168 but even then i'm still missing includes mainly from ZLL libraries. So i was wondering if this is the only examples there are for ZLL or if there are others somewhere which i could use to test out the JN5168 with.