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In which areas would power connectors be applied ?

Discussion created by mary zhu on Apr 19, 2017

I watched an electronic report on TV on in which areas power connectors would be applied. After watching, I became interested in power connectors. So I searched some related materials and information about this topic. Today I come to this forum to turn to you to discuss my understandings are appropriate.


Here are my personal understandings:


A power supply connector comprising an insulating body and a plurality of terminals, the insulating body having a plurality of receptacles, the receptacles accommodating the terminals, the insulating body being provided with at least one tongue piece which isolates the terminals, The terminals have a barb, respectively, which are provided with a plurality of contact portions on the first side of the barbs, respectively, and the plurality of wires are fixed on the second side of the barbs. By means of the above structure, the barbs of the terminals can be inserted In the insulation body, and the terminal is easy to assemble, simply push into the insulation body can be, between the terminals do not occur short-circuit equivalent.


As to this question, I have my personal point of views:


Has been widely used in electric forklifts, golf cars, tour buses, electric cruise, electric scrubber, mine electric locomotive, ups uninterruptible power supply, power communications railway systems and other products. Power Connector Design Application Processing Technical Data Formulation Method 1. Common power connector for connecting flexible cables to rigid devices in any structure of many configurations 2. Power connector with heat-insulating components 3. Chip-based power supply Connectors 4. Combined power supply plug connector for field sensors for various sensors, brakes and power supplies, as well as automotive, industrial electronics, computer technology, consumer electronics or medical applications.


Ps: Excuse me if I was wrong in words or expressions as I am a green hand in the field of power connectors. I need continual learnings.


What is your idea ? Do you agree with my ideas ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.


May someone would like to help ?


thanks in advance