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Where can I find the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile Specification?

Question asked by Thomas Jacobson on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Thomas Jacobson

I am querying information from a SmartPlug, and I'm receiving the following attributes:


  • Power factor (i8PowerFactor)
  • Units of measurement (eUnitOfMeasure)
  • Multiplier (u24Multiplier)
  • Divisor (u24Divisor)
  • Instantaneous Demand (i24InstantaneousDemand)


So far, I appear to be receiving values that correspond to a test load I'm using. However, the power factor and instant demand I'm receiving don't make sense at all, which leads me to believe that there's some kind of factor or divider I need, possibly from the u24Multiplier or u24Divisor fields. Upon looking at the documentation for the SimpleMetering cluster in 'ZigBee PRO Smart Energy API User Guide' (JN-UG-3059), it says (for power factor):

[i8PowerFactor is] fully described in the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile Specification

It says the same thing for the multiplier and divisor.


Can someone link me to this ZigBee Smart Energy Profile Specification? I haven't found it yet in the documentation, and it will help me understand these attribute values I'm receiving from my Smart Plug meter. If it helps, here's a sample of the readings I'm getting:

Power Factor: 96
Units: 0
Multiplier: 1
Divisor: 100000
Demand: 126489

A value of 0 for units suggests that the demand is in kilowatts. If I divide the demand by the divisor, I come close to the demand value I'm expecting. I'd still like to see some documentation to verify that's accurate. I have no idea how to interpret the power factor, as that should be between -1 and 1.


- Thomas