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FRDM K64F+ PN 7150 OM5578 controller to read/print UID of MIFARE classic 1k rfid tags

Question asked by Shruti Rawool on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I am using the PN7150 NFC Controller along with FRDM K64F to read MIFARE Classic 1k RFID/NFC tags. Is it possible that I could read the UID from the card and print it on tera term/putty ? I am using KSDK v 1.3. I tried searching for a lot of resources to check the compatibility of the NFC shield with this type of RFID tag but couldn't find anything helpful.

I would appreciate if anyone could guide me how to read and print the UID if it's possible to do.

Erich Styger