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Discussion created by Martin Dusek on Aug 3, 2008
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I'm trying to run ICS08 with QT1 MCU and with programmer. Everytime, I have status "ROM is accesible" marked as N (so I can't use flash because it is protected). If I ignore the security failure, program seems to communicate with MCU (I can change RAM memory), but it seems to communicate with MCU even if I disconnect RS232 (I can change RAM even in this case).
I try to use P&E 68HC08 programmer. It also connects to MCU with ROM secured. I can load some module to MCU. If I erase it, programmer can now connect to MCU with 8x FF security bytes (ROM unsecured). If I now use ICS08, it can connect to MCU with unsecured ROM (but now ICS08 doesn't ask me to turn off and turn on the supply for MCU and displays "Configuing HC908QTQY device ... ERROR loading simulation monitor"). Again, I can change the data in flash (e.g. addr F800, F801...) with disconnected cable. :smileyhappy: All memory is again uninitialized if I reconnect to MCU.
I'm newbie, so please be patient with me. :smileyhappy:
Thanks for any advice.