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Cortex-A7: Core not responding

Question asked by Jaroslav Dytrych on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Jaroslav Dytrych

Hello All.

We have own board with a LS1020A and there are problems with a linux stability. So we want to run a DDR validation but we have a problem with connecting to the processor using CW QCVS and CodeWarrior TAP.


CCS command output

(bin) 44 % dele a
(bin) 45 % config cc cwtap
(bin) 46 % ccs::config_chain {ls1020a dap sap2}
(bin) 47 % display ccs::get_config_chain
Chain Position 0: LS1020A
Chain Position 1: CoreSight ATB Funnel
Chain Position 2: CoreSight TMC
Chain Position 3: CoreSight TMC
Chain Position 4: CoreSight TMC
Chain Position 5: CoreSight CTI
Chain Position 6: CoreSight CTI
Chain Position 7: CoreSight CTI
Chain Position 8: CoreSight ATB Funnel
Chain Position 9: Cortex-A7
Chain Position 10: Cortex-A7 PMU
Chain Position 11: Cortex-A7
Chain Position 12: Cortex-A7 PMU
Chain Position 13: CoreSight CTI
Chain Position 14: CoreSight CTI
Chain Position 15: Cortex-A7 ETM
Chain Position 16: Cortex-A7 ETM
Chain Position 17: DAP
Chain Position 18: SAP2
(bin) 48 % ccs::reset_to_debug
Cortex-A7: Core not responding


CCS Scan TAP output
(bin) 25 % source IDcode.tcl


TDO -----
        * Device 0  IDCODE: 5BA00477  Device: Unknown Device
        * Device 1  IDCODE: 16B0001D  Device: FSL LS1 Device rev 2.x
TDI -----



CW Target Connection output
  api version: 00000004 00000006
  connections: {0,73,0xc0a801db}
  devlist: ls1020a,dap,sap2
  ERROR(39): Subcore error encountered during multicore operation
parse_error_ext(coreh.{serverh=0,cc_index=0,chain_pos=0}, 39)
  error: Cortex-A7: Core not responding



Any idea what's wrong?


Maybe incorrect JTAG wiring?


Thanks for any help.