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I2C Clock issue on HCs08

Question asked by Prajakta Kakade on Apr 19, 2017
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by Prajakta Kakade

I am doing I2C bit banging with HCs08 as a master and external accelerometer as a slave.

As internal crystal is of 4 Mhz. We want clock cycle of 100 MHz

Aim- To generate 5usec ON and 5usec OFF clock cycle on SCL pin.

Observations and Problems-

  1. Calling timer routine from main (see 1.1.).
  2. Timer for 5usec is configured (1.2.).
  3. Enable interrupt and start timer by giving clock (1.2.).
  4. Checked whether timer overflow flag (TOF) set, TOF value is 1, But ISR routine is not executed (1.3.).\

Code is attached.
Please tell me anyone.
where i m going wrong?