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LS1021A-IOT CAAM support with IoT-gateway-platform-Release-V0.1

Question asked by David vanGilst on Apr 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by Tomasz Wilczak

I was trying to enable hardware encryption with the lastest v0.1 SDK (20170120), but the caam module will not load. The error from the dmesg output is


[ 2.451399] caam 1700000.crypto: can't identify CAAM ipg clk: -2
[ 2.457402] caam: probe of 1700000.crypto failed with error -2


The caam driver looks for 4 clocks (mem, aclk, ipg and emi_slow) during the probe and if they are not present, it will not load. However, these clocks are not defined in the crypto section of the ls1021a.dtsi file. Should these clocks be defined and, if so, is the configuration available? Or, alternatively, should the driver be looking for the clocks on this platform?