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new guy here , need help with mcu communication.

Discussion created by sergey stephanian on Aug 2, 2008
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hello guys .
first , i want to say i'm sorry because i have a question about other brand mcu .if i cant do that , the mods can delete my thread , sorry again if this is the case.
also i want to say that i'm new to mcu's , be gentle :smileyhappy:
ok , the problem:
i bought a gauge cluster unit for my motorcycle .the unit i bought is from a different brand motorcycle , and it uses some type of serial data transfer between the gauges and the engine controll unit (ecu) for speed , temp  etc.
microcontroller inside is this one :
its 8 bit nec mcu.
i just wanted to know , is there a way to know what type of serial communication is used to transmit the data to this mcu? can it be full duplex communication also (which would complicate things even more)?
any help would be great.