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Code Size Problem with HCS08 and CodeWarrior v6.1

Question asked by Sebastian Bollinger on Aug 2, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by Martin Belohorka
Hello Everybody,

I'm an software engineer and I'm working with the DEMOQE128 Board and the controller MC9S08QE128CLH.

I made my first steps with the (free) SPECIAL Edition V.1 of CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers. Now my company bought a FLOATING License of the CodeWarrior Basic Edition, beaucse of the limited code size.

I'm still working with the installed Basic Edition and the floating license was installed on a floating license Server. Can I still use my CodeWarrior Software Version 6.1 or do I need to install an other software version of CodeWarrior?

I'm not sure if my currently used CodeWarrior is licensed or not.. I can't find any information about the license status. Not in the "about box" of my software or elsewehre..

Now my system became very large.. and the limited code size was exceeded... Follwing messages appears out of my linker: "L1102: Out of allocation in segment ROM at address 7FDF..."

It seems like as my CodeWarrior Basic Edition V6.1 is still a Special Edition...

Now, my Questions... :smileyhappy:
So, what can I do to find out if my CodeWarrior is correctly licensed???
Or, what else could be the cause of my linker error?
And my last general question... Can I still use my (free) special Code Warrior when I want to license it to the basic code warrior.. ?

Thanks a lot! :robotwink: