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i.MX6SX with PF3000

Question asked by Gordy Carlson on Apr 17, 2017
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  My customer is debugging a start up problem with his i.MX6SX + PF3000 target board.  He is aware of and is using App note AN5161 - Power an iMX6SX System with PF3000.  On page 24 of this app note there is an interesting note regarding the POR circuit.....


"Note:This block is added in Rev.C for two purposes -i) Fix the SW reboot issue by toggling WDOG_Bto issue power reset (ENGR00338067).ii) Delay the PMIC_PWRON >500ms for the1st-time power-on (VSNVS_3V0 is first applied),to ensure 32.768kHz xtal osc output is stable."


We are interested in reviewing ENG00338067, but cannot find it anywhere in the NXP product web pages for either the iMX6SX or PF3000.  Also did a global search of, but the only reference found is this same paragraph in AN5161.


Can you share the ENGR00338067 document with us?



Gordy Carlson

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