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SDHC's ADMA2 mode

Question asked by lu weiguo on Apr 18, 2017

Hello, everybody, this is my first time to speak here.


I am a novice embedded engineers, and now intends to use K64 chip to do an application ——Receive data through Ethernet and then write to SD card.


I'm using a W5500 chip for Ethernet transceiver,it’s about 3MBps without writing SD card, but when I add write SD card operation, it often stuck in doubt is the reason to write SD card is too slow, so the study used the way of writing pieces, speed has improved, but still is slow.


Now I want to use the SDHC module internal ADMA2 mode, online related explanations and examples are relatively small, SDK code provided by the complex and not much, I spent a few days to study it but the results is not satisfying. 


So is there anyone has the experience about it, help me. my e-mail:  by the way sorry for my English.