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Cannot find ZPS configuration editor for JN5179 in LPCXpresso_7.9.2_493

Question asked by benjamin chang on Apr 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by benjamin chang

Hi All,

I'm developing ZB30 application for JN5179, and want to use ZPS configuration editor as JN-UG-3113 described - to found it under "Jennic option". But I cannot find it in "LPCXpresso_7.9.2_493"

I have installed the newest JN-SW-4263 and 4270 as below.

Can you make a suggestion where is the problem? Thanks!

In "JN-RN-0062-JN-SW-4270-JN517x-ZigBee3-SDK.pdf" (v1520) says:

Software Component contains "ZPS Configuration Plug-ins  [v31504]". So where can we find it?

Thank you,