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T1022 Nor flash erasing

Question asked by mohsen haghighat on Apr 16, 2017
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I have T1022 custom board, I want to program the NOR flash for first time, I use hardcoded RCW and codewarrior IDE V10.5 and codewarrior TAP.


I make a "Download SRAM" project in codewariior IDE, Then I make a flash programmer target task with 1MHz JTAG clock.
 At first I erase the entire flash, but it errors that " NOT supported", Then I erase one sector of flash, it does not error But it does not complete erasing, in the other words flash erasing is infinity(...) .
Second I blank check the flash, codewarrior does it without no error, because Nor-Flash is not empty, it fails.
Third I program U-boot on the Nor flash, Code warrior does it like erasing, It does not have end, programming the flash is infinity. 
Fourth I verify the Nor flash, Codewarrior does it without no error, But because of mismatches it is failed.
I attach the NOR Flash programmer console and core00_SRAM_DOWNLOAD_T1022 console.
Why does erasing the NOR flash do not complete? Why does programming the NOR flash do not complete? What can I do for this?

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