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TouchGFX 4.8.0 and LPCXpresso54608

Discussion created by Eli Hughes Employee on Apr 15, 2017
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I posted this in the TouchGFX user forums as well.  


TouchGFX 4.8 is broken - LPC54608 – TouchGFX 


 I wanted to put this report here just in case someone else is trying to get TouchGFX working.


Here is a youtube video of the issue:


TouchGFX 4.8.0 bug - YouTube 


1.) I did a fresh install using the version of the .msi installer emailed to me when i requested an evaluation (as of 4/15/2017)

2.) I downloaded the verison of the NSP from here:


3.) I create a simple application as shown in the video.


There is a pretty goofy issue with the framebuffer.  It exists in the simulator and in the generated embedded code.  

I tried with both MCUXpresso V and Keil 5.23.   Both yield the same results. Please take a minute to look at the video and it will clearly show how to reproduce the issue.


It turns out that the library does not clear the frame buffer by default!