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FCCU Fake fault in MPC5746R

Question asked by Kiran M on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2017 by Peter Vlna



I am using MPC5746R controller for our project.

We are reading the FCCU_NCF_Sn register to know whether the fault is latched.

Now we need to test this so we are planning to use FCCU_NCFF register to create fake faults.


We are not configured the FCCU to react to the faults,(i.e not enabled in FCCU_NCF_En and FCCU_NCF_CFGn registers) since we want to read the status from FCCU_NCF_Sn register.

My questions are:

1.Can I use the FCCU_NCFF register to create a fake fault so that it will be latched into status register?I dont want any reaction to happen.

2.FCCU configuration is mandatory for just reading the status from FCCU_NCF_Sn register value?

3.Can I inject two or three fake faults at a time one after the other  like shown below

   FCCU.NCFF.R = 0x06;

   FCCU.NCFF.R = 0x07;

   FCCU.NCFF.R = 0x0A;


Thanks and Regards,

Kiran  M