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i.Mx6q partitions table SD card

Question asked by Fausto Sessego on Apr 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Vikas Shukla


i'm trying to load my custom u-boot into SD card but the system boot only if i copy the u-boot by


sudo dd if=../u-boot-fslc/u-boot.imx of=/dev/sdb bs=1k seek=1 && sudo sync


My partitions are like 


| MBR |  ... | u-boot | ... | FAT partition | Linux partition ...


0     512    1024           1M              ~257M


I read there is the possibility to put the u-boot directly into FAT partition by using the cp command instead of dd, but in this case the system doesn't start (the FAT is a partition bootable).

I used my script to create the right sd card.


| MBR |  ...  | FAT partition | Linux partition ...


0     512    2048           1M              ~257M


Why doesn't the system boot?



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