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Getting started with exceptions?

Question asked by Bob Grimes on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2017 by Bob Grimes

The MCP5744P is cool, but the docs are really confusing for someone jumping into the deep end...  For me, I think the biggest problem is terminology; I've been working the embedded processing scene for many years, but until now, I have only encountered Power architecture in Xilinx Virtex4.  This is the background I am coming from, so please understand that I understand the concepts here, but not the terminology; this is the cause of my confusion, I am sure.  To be clear, below when I "quote" something, this is to indicate where I think I am confused by terminology, or specifics of the 5744P.


I am trying to develop "exception handlers" for various issues that may arise.  A partial list I was given is this:

  • Critical Interrupt (IVOR0)
  • Machine Check (IVOR1)
  • Data Storage (IVOR2)
  • Instruction Storage (IVOR3)
  • Alignment (IVOR5)
  • Program (IVOR6)

Here are my problems that are causing great, personal grief, that I am 1000% positive many out there can help with!

  1. Where the hell do I find documentation for these???
  2. How do I associate a handler for these?  I'm not looking for the basics of how one writes an ISR or the like.  I just don't know the details of how you wire one up to the "exception".  For example, using other architectures, how do I set an interrupt vector to point to an ISR to service the interrupt?  How is it enabled?
  3. In the interest of testing my handlers, how do I intentionally cause any/all of these? 

To those in the know, my frustration lies in the fact that I know the information is out there, but the complexity and terminology differences between simpler (?) architectures (e.g. wicked old Intels, Coldfires, ARM) and this beast are killing my confidence!