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KEAZ64 always reset

Question asked by kiger Zhang on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by Mark Butcher

In my KEAZ64 project , when I reference to a pointer , the MCU will reset .  

I have traced the code ,found the value is correct .  But once step to the line :


 nTblSize = pTSAInfo->tblSize;


the MCU will reset . 


Double check the code , NOT found what's wrong. 

I tried in KDS and CW 10.7 ,got the same result .


Please help to check it .


I simplify all the code  in one file   to demo the issue  as following:

And also attached the KDS project file. 


* Copyright (c) 2015, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* All rights reserved.

#include "SKEAZ1284.h"

static int i = 0;



typedef unsigned char FMSTR_U8;
typedef unsigned short FMSTR_U16;

typedef unsigned char *FMSTR_ADDR;
typedef unsigned char FMSTR_BCHR;
typedef unsigned char* FMSTR_BPTR;

typedef unsigned char BOOL;
typedef unsigned char BYTE;
typedef unsigned short WORD;
typedef unsigned long DWORD;
typedef void * LPVOID;

#define NULL 0

typedef struct
//feed para

FMSTR_U8 cmd; //command code ,the response is for this cmd
FMSTR_U8 len; // command data len
FMSTR_U8 subitem; // sub imtem
FMSTR_U8 ReadMemEX_Size; // size for readMemEX
FMSTR_ADDR ReadMemEX_Addr; // address for readMemEX

FMSTR_BPTR pData; // point to data IO buffer
//return para
FMSTR_U8 status; //command return status


typedef struct
WORD tsaFlags;
WORD tblSize;
DWORD tblAddr;


static FMSTR_BCHR pcm_pCommBuffer[67];
static FMSTR_BPTR pcm_pRxBuff;


int main(void)

/* Write your code here */
MCB_RESP ** ppCmdResp;

FMSTR_U16 nTblSize;


pcm_pRxBuff = pcm_pCommBuffer;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x00;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x02;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x01;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x00;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x02;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0xEC;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x92;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x00;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x00;
*pcm_pRxBuff++ = 0x7D;

FMSTR_CMD_RESP.pData = pcm_pCommBuffer+1;

ppCmdResp = & pCmdResp;
*ppCmdResp = & FMSTR_CMD_RESP;

nTblSize = pTSAInfo->tblSize;  // Run to here, the MCU will reset 




/* This for loop should be replaced. By default this loop allows a single stepping. */
for (;;) {
/* Never leave main */
return 0;
// EOF

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